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Welcome to the new 2016-2017 The Happy Planner™ BLOG HOP featuring posts by the me & my BIG ideas Design Team! I’m excited to show you the style of my new Stay Golden Happy Planner and share how I plan to use it come July.  I chose the new Stay Golden The Happy Planner™ because one, it is the only full size planner and two, it is absolutely gorgeous!  I love the soft pastels colors, the details, the brush script lettering, the divider pages, the monthly dashboard pages, the inspirational quotes, the gold foiling, the list could literally go on and on.  If you are interested in the full size (8.5×11!!!), I advise you to get it right away because it will go fast (anther reason why I chose this planner).

Originally, I chose this layout because I thought it would work great as a blog, social media and business planner but as I started to really dive into the pages, I realized that there is enough space for memory planning, business planning and day to day tasks! The sheer size of this planner allows for SO much extra space that I will be able to use each row for its own purpose.  I also love that the columns/rows are no longer labeled with morning, afternoon, and evening.


As of right now, I envision using the top row for appointments/bills/day specific tasks, the middle row for social media/blog/business planning, and the bottom row for my evening plans and my workout schedule.  I am a lister by nature so most of my to do’s actually end up as an insert on one of the mambi note pads (I absolutely LOVE the new half page inserts) or in the left hand column ‘notes’ section.

Because I originally envisioned this as a blog planner, I added additional quotes that would inspire me to begin my journey and be ‘brave’.  This is also the first time that I have actually used the title page, I almost added my current last name which will change soon (In NOVEMBER!), then I thought WOW that is so WEIRD … anyone else feel weird about changing their last name? It’s been with me for SO long!



The monthly dashboard is probably my favorite detail in this planner as it prompts you to record that things that are currently going on in your life.  Not just your goals and important dates, but small things like the music you are currently listening to and the show you are currently binge watching.  I believe this will be a fun aspect to look back on and makes me excited to use this planner for memory keeping just as much as planning.  25160949216_1bce0edf00_o

I also took the time to plan a little in November since it will be the most important month of this entire year! This will also give you a taste of how the monthly pages are set up.


And a few extra detail shots, just for fun.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I REALLY wish it was July already! Keep the HOP going by heading over to mambi Design Team member Theresa Doan’s to see which Happy Planner™ she’s got her hands on!




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