children’s party themes that won’t break the bank

Love these ideas!

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When i was growing up, my mom threw me the best birthday parties. They weren’t particularly elaborate, my parents didn’t go into debt to pay for them. But they were sweet, with girlish themes, goody bags full of mostly candy, and lots of memories.

There has been chatter around the interwebs on how increasingly elaborate children’s birthday parties have become. There are all sorts of theories – fingers pointed at the rise of mommy blogs, on the ease of sharing ideas on Pinterest (and getting jealous of other mom’s ideas), even at Sheryl Sandberg’s advice to Lean In and the now perpetual debate on whether women truly can have it all.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m not currently a mother, so I’m not planning any birthday parties for my own children. But as an event planner, I’d be more than happy to help plan someone else’s party, for the same reason…

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